High-quality energy and industrial products you can depend on.

The family heating their home. The business delivering its products across the country. The farmer keeping his tractor running smoothly year after year. A manufacturing plant looking for high-quality soybean oil. They all require a reliable source of energy and expertise. They all depend on CHS.

We’re the nation’s largest cooperative refiner and a significant wholesaler and reseller of refined fuels, including renewable fuels. Our network of Cenex® brand retailers is among the 20 largest in the country. We’re not only one of the nation’s largest propane wholesalers, we also produce and market a wide range of lubricant products. And CHS is known around the world as a reliable supplier of high-quality soy-based products for numerous industrial sectors.

What’s in your fuel tank?

With harvest right around the corner, it’s time to ask yourself: What’s in your fuel tank? The answer may surprise you.

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