CHS South America

In South America, CHS buys grain and oilseeds from local farmers and facilities, distributes fertilizer and markets ethanol. With headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil, and locations throughout Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, CHS is becoming a trusted partner in the region.

Employees in South America have a strong knowledge of the local markets and crop conditions. They are continually coordinating trades with their colleagues in North America to meet demand and identify new market opportunities. Connections with local growers also provide a dependable supply of confectionary sunflowers, corn, soybeans and wheat to keep CHS customers supplied year-round.
In recent years, CHS investments in the region through local assets and joint ventures have helped generate efficiency and stability to support local growers and other customers. CHS has access to major ports in the region. And as always, CHS employees in South America are focused on doing business with integrity while building trusted, lasting partnerships that will sustain the cooperative into the future.

CHS South America exports grains (mainly soybeans, corn, wheat and barley) to global customers. This, combined with grains from North America, the Black Sea region and Australia, creates a quality, year-round supply for customers. CHS South America also distributes fertilizer throughout the region, providing a dependable supply of crop nutrients.

  • Exports grain through ownership in TCN, a Brazilian logistics company, with terminal access at the Port of Itaquí, São Luis, Brazil, and ownership in an export terminal project at Necochea, Argentina.
  • Operates fertilizer import, storage and blending services at Paranaguá and Rondonóplis, Brazil.
  • Stores and distributes products through six warehouses and six ports in Brazil and Argentina.
Food and Ingredients
CHS Agro, a joint venture, grows and processes sunflower kernel and in-shell products. 

In 2013, CHS South America began marketing ethanol in Brazil, the world’s second largest ethanol producing country. CHS delivers ethanol through pipelines and through tank delivery within Brazil.

South America Offices

Argentina flag
  • Argentina

  • CHS Argentina
    E. Zeballos 2740 – 2do Piso
    CP 1643 – Beccar - San Isidro, Buenos Aires, AR 1607
    Tel: +54 (11) 5273-4500
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Regional Headquarters

  • CHS do Brazil (São Paulo)
    Av. Dr. Cardoso de Melo, 1308
    5º e 6º andar
    Vila Olimpia
    São Paulo, SP 04548-004
    Tel: +55 (11) 3704-0700
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Canarana

  • CHS do Brazil (Canarana)
    Av. Mato Grosso, 528
    Canarana – MT 78640-000
    Tel: +55 (66) 3478-2636
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Cruz Alta

  • CHS do Brazil (Cruz Alta)
    Av. Plácido de Castro
    902 Bairro Bonini
    Cruz Alta - RS 98035-210
    Tel: +55 (55) 3321-9914
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Cuiabá

  • CHS do Brazil (Cuiabá)
    Av. Historiador Rubens Mendonça
    1894 - Sala 407, 408 - Jardim Aclimação
    Cuiabá/MT 78050-000
    Tel: +55 (65) 3023-0870
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Goiânia

  • CHS do Brazil (Goiânia)
    RUA 115, N° 2100 - SETOR SUL -CEP 74.085-328
    Goiânia – GO 74085-328
    Tel: +55 (62) 3230-3800
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Maringá

  • CHS do Brazil (Maringá)
    Av. Duque de Caxias
    882 - 4º andar
    Maringá - PR 87020-025
    Tel: +55 (44) 3226-9922
    Fax: +55 (44) 3226-8580
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Paranaguá

  • CHS do Brazil (Paranaguá)
    Rua Paulo Canhola
    113 – Correia Velho
    Paranaguá - PR 83206-392
    Tel: +55 (41) 3424-4999
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Rio Grande

  • CHS do Brazil (Rio Grande)
    Rua A, 5015 - Sala 1 - Distrito Industrial
    Rio Grande - RS 96204-470
    Tel: +55 (53) 3235-6396
Brazil flag
  • Brazil: Sorriso

  • CHS do Brazil (Sorriso)
    Avenida Blumenal
    2947 – Sala 03 – Centro
    Sorriso/MT 78890-000
    Tel: +55 (66) 3544-0050 
Uruguay flag
  • Uruguay

  • CHS Uruguay SRL
    Av Italia 7519 esq Barradas
    Office 407
    Montevideo – Uruguay
    Tel: +598 2600 8361
Paraguay flag
  • Paraguay

  • CHS Paraguay
    Calle Gabriel Cassacia - Edificio Las Margaritas
    3er Piso Of 6
    Parana Country Club - Hernandarias
    Tel: +595 (61) 571 101