Caring for our owners and our communities

At CHS, we are passionate about sustainability. Caring for the land while feeding the world will always be at the heart of the cooperative system. As we create connections to empower agriculture, we focus on sustaining healthy places for people to live and work, with opportunities to learn and thrive together.

What sustainability means for CHS

Three fundamentals make up the CHS approach to sustainability: economic viability, environmental stewardship and community well-being, which includes our stewardship initiatives. Each fundamental includes four focus areas where CHS teams are establishing goals, noting areas of excellence and identifying opportunities for improvement.

CHS sustainability fundamentals



We strive for shared prosperity with our owners and employees, based on positive, progressive change that drives long-term strength and growth.



We work to maintain healthy places to live and work, caring for and making effective use of our natural resources, preserving them for future generations.



We are vested in and support strong communities, where people feel safe and valued and have opportunities to learn and thrive together.

Sustainability in action

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Working together for greater impact

Cooperatives can apply for matching grants to strengthen communities.

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