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Twin Cities funding

Helping our community thrive

The Twin Cities is home to our company headquarters and more than 1,000 CHS employees who volunteer and give generously to strengthen the metro area where we live and work. CHS also offers backyard giving grants to support nonprofits near our headquarters that help those in need and bring the community together.

Backyard Giving Grants

Organizations in the backyard of CHS headquarters are eligible for up to $5,000 to host events that bring the community together, educate the next generation about agriculture or provide Twin Cities residents access to healthy food and stable housing.

What are the application periods?
Applications are accepted March 1 to April 30, and Oct. 1 to Nov. 30.
Who is eligible to apply?
Organizations that serve Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties are eligible to apply.
How are applications evaluated?
Organizations must be a 501c3 or related charity. Priority will be given to community events that bring people together and projects that educate youth about agriculture or provide access to healthy and affordable food or safe and stable housing.
What types of projects are excluded?
The Backyard Giving Grant program does not support sports team or athletic requests or groups with a religious affiliation or serving a medical/disease related cause or individual needs. Organizations outside of Dakota, Ramsey and Washington counties will not be considered.
How often can I receive funding?
In order to provide equitable support to the Twin Cities, organizations selected will only be eligible to receive funding every two years.

For instance, if an organization received an award during the 2023 spring application period, they would not be eligible to receive another award until the 2025 spring application period.
What types of projects are supported?

Examples of supported projects:

  • Local food shelves
  • Housing support for women and children
  • Fundraising dinners/galas
  • Agricultural education programs for urban youth


Have questions about the programs we support or how to apply for funding?