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Animal nutrition

High-quality animal nutrition backed by experts

CHS offers a broad range of animal nutrition products at more than 650 retail locations across the United States. Our proprietary, high-quality feeds are produced at our wholly owned and joint-venture feed mills throughout the United States.

Beef cattle standing in a field



Our custom-formulated Payback® feeds available for beef, dairy, sheep, swine, goats and poultry deliver consistent results for healthy, productive animals.
Woman riding a horse



Our Equis® line of advanced-nutrition feed provides horses from miniature to draft breeds with highly digestible ingredients that support wellness and immune balance.

Pet feed portfolio

Country Vet logo
Country Vet
We offer high-quality, highly digestible pet food through Country Vet®
Rancher's Choice logo
Rancher's Choice
We offer high-quality protein sources, vitamins and minerals, and soy-free pet food through Rancher’s Choice®