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Business partners

CHS continually seeks suppliers who deliver the greatest benefits to our organization while aligning to our values. CHS is committed to developing long term partnerships with diverse suppliers for purchasing goods and services across the enterprise that meet and support our business requirements.

Our approach

CHS will deploy an inclusive sourcing strategy by engaging diverse suppliers to increase competition, innovation and make a positive difference in our communities. In addition, we will invest in diverse suppliers and businesses to increase overall capacity across CHS’s operations and supply chain.

Supplier FAQs

  • How do I become a supplier for CHS?
  • CHS Standard PO Terms and Conditions
  • Supplier resources for Coupa

To be considered:

Potential suppliers may need to undergo due diligence processes to be considered.

Comply with CHS Inc. terms and conditions for goods and services.

CHS uses an e-procurement tool called Coupa

What is Coupa?

  • Coupa is a purchasing tool for indirect goods and services, such as computers, office suppliers, professional services, IT hardware/software, etc. Coupa is an industry-leading e-procurement tool used to help improve the usability, visibility and compliance of the procure-to-pay process. This includes collection of data, collaboration across business units and development of trend and spend analysis.
  • Coupa reduces the need for paper-based processes and enables greater automation with electronic PO and invoicing capabilities.

Additional resources for suppliers:

Supplier expectations

The CHS Business Partner Code of Conduct explains the standards of doing business in an ethical and legally compliant manner and applies to third-party partners who conduct business with or on behalf of CHS. Business partners are important contributors to helping CHS achieve and maintain its commitment of doing the right thing.

The ability to do the right thing begins with knowing when and how to raise a concern. At CHS, we seek relationships that act ethically in practice and aspire to the highest standards of integrity in their business dealings. This includes refraining from any form of illegal activity, violations of the CHS Code of Conduct or CHS Business Partner Code of Conduct, and any applicable Compliance Policy. We expect our partners to raise any concerns and report the known or suspected violation by contacting: