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CHS payment solutions

Credit card processing simplified

With more than 4 decades of experience, CHS payment solutions is the answer for transparent, proactive, and personal credit card processing. Always striving to be one step ahead, our company pioneered the automated fueling pump for customers to pay at the pump many years ago. Now today, merchants in more than 20 states rely on our services for timely transaction processing, simplified accounting, dependable cash flow and superior customer service. From our initial pay-at-the-pump breakthrough to today’s innovations, we remain committed to helping merchants build business success through credit card processing.

See how our unbranded program is a one-stop shop for an entire credit card processing solution:

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11 card types processed - gross dollars paid daily

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8 point-of-sale solutions

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In-house customer support

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Robust online accounting tools

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Ancillary programs to build business

CHS payment solutions knocks it out of the park with personable customer service and online tools.
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Equipment to support your needs
CHS supports a wide range of Point of Sale (POS) solutions, giving you the power to choose what option works best for your location. Whether it be a smaller countertop standalone terminal or a robust system that controls your store and pumps, CHS payment solutions has what you need. Also, in partnering with a leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), we can provide managed security services and devices to all our customers.
  • Non-integrated POS equipment


    The Verifone vx520 is CHS payment solutions' non-integrated Point of Sale solution. With the vx520, merchants receive the functionality of an integrated Point of Sale that fits in the palm of your hand. Ideal for countertops, this device is designed for easy use and includes a backlit screen and keypad for all lighting situations.

  • Integrated POS equipment
    Verifone® Commander and RubyCi
    Verifone offers a wide range of solutions to address your individual business needs. Their point-of-sale systems are built for real-world conditions, with all touch or keyboard/touch options for use with the durable and comprehensive Commander Site Controller. They also offer the full featured, all-in-one RubyCi. This mini- site controller and POS is included in one piece of hardware for fast, efficient, complete store management with a smaller footprint.
    Gilbarco Passport®
    The Passport point-of-sale features an easy-to-use touch screen to simplify training and increase cashier accuracy and speed. With multiple loyalty program interfaces, powerful fuel discounting, carwash and merchandising options, the Passport point-of-sale system provides you with the tools you need to grow, control and track your business. Passport also has integration with 48 back office systems.
    Triple E with Commander EF
    The Triple E POS system offers intuitive touch-screen control for your retail and fueling needs, while meeting industry requirements for stability and security. With an easy-to-use interface, you'll reduce clerk training time and user errors. Along with a robust POS system, Triple E offers a proprietary island card reader, Sentinel. The Sentinel supports all major debit and credit cards and can process both commercial and private fleet cards.
    Pinnacle Palm™ with Commander EF
    Pinnacle Palm has a touch-screen interface and offers varying levels of functionality based on your needs. It features local card acceptance, cash patronage tracking, received on account (at the register), memo field, a local card look-up system, and an option for contracts.
    Gasboy Prime
    Gasboy Prime features an advanced user interface with color display and full alphanumeric keypad. With a web-based interface, it allows for seamless integrations with EKOS or Fleet Head Office enterprise software. The system records all site transaction, inventory and authorization activities while also controlling the forecourt dispensers, payment terminals and fuel tanks.
    Comdata SmartDESQ
    Comdata's SmartDESQ provides enhanced processing and pump control for diesel fuel transactions, allowing you to combine payment transactions for the fuel desk and other profit centers into a single system. This system accepts multiple payment types, offers in-store pump control and pay-at-the-pump capability, and simplifies end-of-shift reporting.
    NCR is helping redefine the point-of-sale system for petroleum and convenience store retailers. NCR Radiant allows you to launch promotions, specials and customer programs across all sites in a matter of minutes. Most importantly, this advanced POS solution supports every store profit center—from fuel to foodservice— so you can manage the growing complexity of your petroleum and convenience retail operations.
  • Security

    To help manage location security, CHS payment solutions offers all customers access to POS Protect + programs. These programs provide tools and resources to assist in managing Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and helps keep location information and data secure.

    Common program features

    POS Protect +

     ps-firewall-icn Managed firewall
     ps-check-icon PCI Portal for SAQ assistance and external vulnerability scans
     ps-swipe-icon Certified MNSP for secure POS help desk access remote access
     ps-graph-icon Cellular backup to keep credit card processing going when the internet goes up


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Detailed online reporting
Merchant Services Online Access (MSOA) is our free online reporting tool that allows customers to easily verify credit card details across all locations. It is a direct point of access to store deposits, batch summaries, statements and more all conveniently online 24/7. Customers can view up to 18 months of helpful information to streamline their business and save time.
  • Tell me more about Merchant Services Online Access (MSOA)
    Time can be one of the most valued resources in today’s business world. Merchant Services Online Access (MSOA) was created to give you a time-saving tool that brings all aspects of business reporting together into one place.

    MSOA is a free resource that allows you to easily manage credit card details across locations. It provides access to store deposits, batch summaries, statements and more all online for convenience. Some of the most utilized reports offered include Transaction Detail, Location Batches by Post Date, and ACH Deposit by Location. MSOA streamlines reporting, simplifies managerial tasks, and saves time overall, allowing you to maximize productivity.
  • What are the benefits?
    • Convenient access any time and anywhere.
    • Homepage dashboard for important location info at a quick glance.
    • Access to 10+ reports for handling day-to-day store processes.
      • 18 months of historic data
      • Specific transaction details
      • Thorough monthly statements
    • Urgent alert banner to notify you of network outages and timely news.
  • What are the steps?
    1. Contact CHS payment solutions at 1-800-852-5301 to obtain the MSOA registration form.
    2. Complete the form and return it to CHS payment solutions via email or mail.
    3. Once the form is returned, user setup will be completed within 2 business days.
CHS payment solutions provides us with dedicated and timely responses on whatever situations arise.
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Woman holding receipt by credit card reader
Value-added services for success
CHS payment solutions knows that providing customers with quality services keeps them coming back. We offer an add-on program for check processing to add value inside store by eliminating your need to deposit checks at the bank.
  • Tell me more about POS Check

    POS Check converts a personal check to an electronic transaction at the time of purchase. The check will be immediately returned to the customer at the end of the transaction; there is no paper to handle, process or forward to the bank. Every check is authorized online with a third-party to lower your check fraud loss.

    This service is completely FREE to setup and the check reader is FREE* to lease. There are no hidden fees or extra percentages taken off the top. For each check transaction, you will incur a small set fee.

    POS Check makes day-to-day operations faster and easier. It gives your customers the payment options they want and makes your back-office operations more streamlined. No more hassle with processing paper checks or paying various bank processing fees, those days are over!

    *Free lease requires monthly activity.

  • What are the benefits?
    • Lower paper check processing costs.
    • Check authorization in real time.
    • No more hassle with bounced checks at the bank.
    • Authorization provides lower check fraud loss.
    • Check guarantee up to $100 to give you extra peace of mind.
    • Additional security as paper checks are immediately returned to customers.
    • Funds are deposited quickly with all other daily transactions and you will receive one consolidated statement.
  • What are the steps?

    3 steps to a convenient electronic transaction!

    1. A customer presents a paper check for payment.
    2. The cashier scans it through the check reader, enters the purchase amount and any other required information.
    3. Once the check is verified and approved, a sales receipt is printed for the customer to sign and the check is returned back to them.

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