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Collegiate programs

Scholarships and university support

We are committed to helping build the next generation of leaders and a strong ag talent pipeline. That’s why the CHS Foundation provides scholarships and supports engaging projects at colleges and universities that enhance ag career pathways and ag education. Working closely with 25 two- and four-year collegiate partners across the county, we have helped award more than 225 scholarships each year to students enrolled in leading ag programs. Check out the map below to see if scholarships are offered at your school.

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Funding for university projects
The CHS Foundation accepts funding requests from universities and colleges as part of a competitive grant process that is available from April 1 to May 31 each year. In 2024, the CHS Foundation considered applications on any agriculture topic, including cutting edge under-graduate research, student recruitment, etc. The 2024 application is closed. Check back in early 2025 for a new and application information.

Additional guidelines

Priority given to existing university partners
Only one application per college/university
Applicants are not eligible for funding in consecutive years
Indirect/overhead costs will be considered up to 10% of overall budget

Funding exclusions

Funds available to support this program are discretionary and determined annually. There is no commitment by the CHS Foundation to fund any application or make any specific number of awards.

Applications will not be considered for projects related to:

  • Multi-year funding (funds will only be awarded for one year, regardless of program length)
  • General fundraising or capital campaigns (applications must be specific to a project or curriculum)
  • Operating budget support
  • Construction or renovation projects
  • Scholarships (as scholarships are already supported through the existing university partner program)

Current university partners

Click on any of the blue states to reveal our university partner and contact information in each state.


Preparing students for risk management and trading careers
Students gain hands-on experience in risk management and trading through the Commodities Trading Lab at North Dakota State University, thanks in part to support from CHS and the CHS Foundation.