CHS Annual Meeting

CHS Annual Meeting

Thanks for joining us at our 2022 CHS Annual Meeting! We look forward to seeing you again Dec. 7-8, 2023.

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Debertin says CHS Annual Meeting creates important connections

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Firsthand look at new drone technologies

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Wisconsin ag teacher wins top CHS teacher grant

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CHS New Leaders Forum

Young farmers and ranchers are nominated by their cooperatives to participate in CHS New Leaders Forum activities. Through in-person and virtual events, they learn about the cooperative model, develop their leadership skills and discover how they can serve and advocate for agriculture and cooperatives.

If you are a young cooperative farmer-owner and would like to be nominated for the next CHS New Leaders Forum, contact the CEO or general manager of your local cooperative.

See photos from the 2022 New Leaders Forum

The committee's purpose is to develop and present a slate of resolutions on issues of importance to CHS members pertaining to agriculture, energy, trade, environment, cooperative governance and other policy matters. The committee has eight members, one from each of the company's director representation regions. View the 2022 adopted resolutions

The Rules and Credentials Committee is charged with ensuring the official business of CHS, including director elections, comply with the CHS governing documents, follow set processes and are conducted with the highest of integrity. The committee consists of eight CHS members, one from each of the company's director representation regions.

These amendments to the CHS Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation were passed at the 2021 CHS Annual Meeting.