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Connecting Midwest sunflower growers to global consumers

We are a global supplier of confection sunflower and sunflower kernel for major snack and food brand manufacturers, and food service companies. CHS is also an industry leader in hybrid sunflower seed development. We provide the freshest and finest because we buy direct from growers, setting the standard of product purity and performance.

Buying sunflowers

Food ingredients

We are your partner in setting a new level of customer satisfaction with superior product quality, proven commitment to food safety, unmatched service levels and dependability you only get from someone who cares as much about growing your business as you do. Learn more about our industry-leading process and roasting capabilities.


Inshell sunflower

Inshell sunflower seeds are a nutritious, convenient snacking choice around the world. High in protein and fiber, and naturally low in carbohydrates, they are among the best whole-grain source of Vitamin E. Large in both size and taste, these seeds are available raw or roasted with salt.

  • Agway XL-10 – Extra-long type inshell; non-GMO
  • Agway XL-8 – Smaller extra-long inshell; non-GMO
  • Agway XT – Largest conventional inshell; non-GMO
  • Agway 24/64 – Very large conventional type inshell; non-GMO
  • Agway 22/64 – Large conventional type inshell; non-GMO
  • Agway 20/64 – Medium conventional type inshell; non-GMO

Sunflower kernel

Food companies favor the sunflower kernel as a flavorful and nutritious ingredient for a variety of commercial uses including prepackaged or industrial food service formulations. Bakers appreciate this cost-efficient way to add taste, texture and eye appeal to a variety of baked goods. Kernels require no prep, such as chopping, are shelf-stable, and are not a major allergen. Consumers choose them as an important source of protein, fiber, lipids, minerals and vitamins. With a subtle nutty flavor, crunchy sunflower kernels bring distinction to any formulation. Available raw or ready-to-eat (RTE), pasteurized or roasted and with or without salt.

  • 350-450 CPO* – Very large confection kernel; largest in the industry. Best suited for trail mixes, toppings and premium snack applications; non-GMO
  • 450-650 CPO* – Large confection kernel; well suited for all applications; non-GMO
  • Bakery – Small kernel; well suited as an ingredient; non-GMO

*CPO = count per ounce

Pasteurization and roasting

Roasting is available for both kernel and inshell sunflowers; oil roasted for kernel and dry roasted for inshell. Our pasteurization and roasting services are located within the same facility for maximum efficiency and food-handling security.

  • Pasteurization
    • Pasteurization of raw food products continues to trend higher as consumers become more discerning about food safety. The process of pasteurization reduces pathogens to an acceptable level for consumption.
    • Three-step pasteurization process with a validated 5 log reduction:
    • Water activity, temperature, relative humidity, airflow, air quantity and dwell time are controlled to effectively pasteurize the product while maintaining its original characteristics.
    • Equipment specifically engineered for sunflower kernel
    • Continuous flow process for consistent product treatment
    • Fully automated process designed for gentle handling of product
    • No post-pasteurization drying required
    • Improved shelf life

    As a global leader in the confectionary sunflower processing industry, CHS was the first sunflower processor to offer the industry-leading Log5 pasteurization technology. This allows CHS to provide a full line of processing services – oil roasted, dry roasted and pasteurized products – to its food company and ingredients customers.

    The Log5 technology is unique in its ability to enable pasteurization without changing texture, taste or overall sensory characteristics of food products. The three-step process with validated 5 log reduction is fully automated, provides for gentle handling of the product, and requires no post-pasteurization drying.

    In addition to pasteurization services, the CHS plant in Fargo, N.D., offers expanded, custom-roasting capabilities for both kernel (oil) and inshell (dry roasted) sunflowers.

  • Roasting
    • Roasted and salted kernel and inshell are available as well as roasted and unsalted kernel.
    • Packaging can be customized from 1-oz. snack packs to 2,000-lb. totes.
    • Retail packaging is available.
    • Custom roasting is available.
    • Non-GMO, allergen-free sunflower oil used for roasting
As a supplier of bird food ingredients, CHS also sells straight inshell sunflower seeds and sunflower chips to bird food manufacturers.
Food safety and security

The CHS commitment to food safety and security is evident across our business, with SQF-certified facilities and industry-leading pasteurization technology.

CHS was the first in its industry to utilize pasteurization technology specifically engineered for sunflowers. This natural process reduces pathogens to an acceptable level for consumption; for sunflowers, it can also improve shelf life. Water activity, temperature, relative humidity, airflow, air quantity and dwell time are controlled to effectively pasteurize the product while maintaining its original characteristics.


Current facility certifications

CHS maintains a record of current facility certifications, which are available upon request.


CHS offers a variety of packaging options from bulk to bags, 1-oz. snack packs to 2,000-lb. totes. Custom and private-label retail packaging is also available. Our standard packaging includes:

  • Multi-wall paper bag (25 lb., 50 lb., 25kg)
  • Corr-Vac® (25 lb. or 2,000-lb. tote)
Connect with our sunflower team

Growing sunflowers with CHS


"I think there is a lot of value in having a cooperative involved in marketing and processing our crops so we have a strong market."

Jamie Routledge

Royal Hybrid® seed

Sunflower growers find success with our comprehensive program of quality seed, agronomic resources and marketing expertise.

For more than half a century, CHS has researched, developed, tested and distributed its own hybrid sunflower seeds. CHS focuses its hybrid seed-breeding efforts on improving yield and performance of confectionary planting seeds while meeting the quality requirements and ever-changing tastes of sunflower seed consumers around the world.

Royal Hybrid® varieties

Royal Hybrid® 8D310
  • Conoil sunflower
  • Dehull contracts available with CHS
  • Flexibility into oil and bird food markets
  • Clearfield hybrid
  • Good plantability and emergence
  • High yield potential
    Mid-maturity (120 days to physiological maturity)
  • Recommended planting rate: 17,000-20,000 plants per acre
Royal Hybrid® 1121
  • Confection sunflower
  • Good plantability
  • Excellent yield potential and stability (long history)
  • Strong performance in stressed environments
  • Mid-maturity (120 days to physiological maturity)
  • Recommended planting rate: 14,000-18,000 plants per acre
Royal Hybrid® 609 CLP
  • Confection sunflower
  • Clearfield Plus hybrid
  • Very good Clearfield tolerance
  • Improved weed control with MSO
  • Good plantability
  • Very uniform at flowering
  • High yield potential
  • Mid-maturity (119 days to physiological maturity)
  • Recommended planting rate: 14,000-18,000 plants per acre
Royal Hybrid® 208 EX
  • Confection sunflower
  • DuPont ExpressSun hybrid
  • Good plantability and emergence
  • Excellent plant health
  • Good stalk strength
  • Early-mid maturity (118 days to physiological maturity)
  • Recommended planting rate: 14,000-18,000 plants per acre
Royal Hybrid® 207 EX
  • Confection sunflower (long type)
  • DuPont ExpressSun hybrid
  • Good emergence
  • Excellent plant health
  • Early-mid maturity (119 days to physiological maturity)
  • Recommended planting rate: 13,000-16,000 plants per acre
Seed research and development

CHS is the only major processor that maintains its own hybrid seed division, staffed by seed genetics experts and complete with comprehensive nursery, greenhouse and laboratory facilities. Year after year, we put thousands of hybrids through rigorous lab tests and field trials in order to fine-tune the most desirable characteristics based on customer input and market demand. Traits like rich flavor, firm kernels, large size and unique shaping, not to mention improved yields and consistent quality. And all our sunflower seed development is free from any genetically modified source.

Grower resources

As a member-owned cooperative, no company is closer to its growers than CHS as we source directly from the producers who own us. Production, agronomy and marketing experts work alongside with growers, starting with seed selection and continuing through production and harvest. Our contract growers enjoy:

  • Proprietary Royal Hybrid® seed varieties
  • Agronomic advice and field visits
  • Crop informational meetings and bulletins
  • Marketing contracts to manage risk
  • Convenient locations for seed pick-up and delivery
  • Access to domestic and international markets

Grower delivery

Contracted growers may deliver direct to CHS by appointment, Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Hours are subject to change during peak harvest or due to poor weather conditions. Call the location directly to confirm hours or to ask about arranging on-farm pick-up.

220 Clement Avenue
Grandin, N.D. 58038