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An inside look at the rodeo

Cowboys line up along a fence with the sunset.

The day’s last light falls over the oldest rodeo grounds in North Dakota as cowboys wait to execute their skills and tempt fate in what many call the most dangerous sport of all.

Dec 13, 2021

The enthusiastic bellow of a witty rodeo announcer echoes off the hills a few times each year in Killdeer, N.D., as spectators and riders from throughout the country gather to compete and bask in the beauty of rodeo. For 90 years, the grounds have hosted some of the sport’s more passionate amateur cowgirls and cowboys. Admiration and respect for horse athletes shines from the kids climbing fences for a better vantage point to the seasoned riders who, with their trusty companions, come back every year to give everything they can to add their names to this North Dakota rodeo monument.

Rodeo rides on

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