5 field scouting tools for 2022

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CHS agronomists suggest these five field scouting tools for the 2022 growing season.

Jun 10, 2022

With the close of planting season, it’s time to prepare for crop scouting. Several helpful mobile apps make field scouting tasks a breeze. Here are the five field scouting tools you need for the 2022 growing season: 


Agellum is a full-farm planning and management solution from CHS. It integrates, aggregates and activates your farm’s data from apps, equipment and more. Agellum empowers better agronomic and economic decisions through planning, analysis and collaboration. Features: 

  • Fully integrated, centralized farm planning and management tool 
  • 24/7 accessibility via web browser and mobile, resulting in real-time collaboration that enhances agronomy and business decisions 
  • Software system with the capability to absorb and manage data in one plac 
  • Harnesses the collective power of precision agriculture, agronomic insights, sustainable practices, data and analytics 


Agrian is an ag software and technology company that simplifies grower, ag advisor and food processor workflows. Seamless real-time data syncing and full offline capabilities allow field-based users to remain informed and productive at all times. Capabilities: 

  • Search for products within the database of more than 12,000 labels
  • View the product label with a simple click 
  • Access manufacturer labels, safety data sheets and other product documentation 
  • Search for and share recommendations, use reports and other record types 
  • Save and organize products and records for access offline 

Yara CheckIT 

Yara CheckIT is an agricultural smartphone app that gives farmers a photographic library of the crops to allow a simple, fast identification of possible nutrient deficiencies. Once the cause of the deficiency is established, the app shows how the deficiency could affect the crop, what soil types are prone to that type of deficiency and factors that could make the deficiency worse. CheckIT also provides a fertilizer recommendation to treat the identified deficiency, as well as alternative products that could provide preventive treatment for the following growing season. 


If you’re looking for a heavy-duty scouting software solution designed to improving scouting efficiency, ScoutPro is workflow-focused and will keep you building and adding to scouting report so that you never have to stop walking. Features and benefits: 

  • Built-in ID keys for assistance
  • Crop-specific agronomic calculators provide fast, smart ways to log a stand or tiller count, yield check or stem count 
  • Runs offline when needed, then sync when you have a data connection 

Mavrx Scout 

Achieve total field awareness all season long with Mavrx Scout. Take the power of imaging and analytics to the field with automatic issue detection and prioritized alerts delivered to anytime, anywhere. Capabilities: 

  • Easily prioritize fields to scout 
  • Navigate to areas at risk 
  • Record scouting observations

For more information about Agellum or other field scouting needs, contact your CHS agronomy sales representative or visit