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Debertin says CHS Annual Meeting creates important connections

Jay Debertin, president and CEO of CHS

Jay Debertin, president and CEO of CHS, speaks at the company’s New Leaders Forum, part of the 2022 CHS Annual Meeting, on November 30, 2022.

Dec 01, 2022

By Kevin Hunt 

The 2022 CHS Annual Meeting is underway. This year's theme is Connect. Grow. Thrive. Held in Minneapolis, Minn., the meeting draws CHS member cooperative-owners and producer-owners from across the United States. 

In this video interview, Jay Debertin, president and CEO of CHS, talked about the importance of the meeting and how it helps attendees discover how to thrive as part of the cooperative system. 


“I really hope that people leaving this meeting continue to be proud of CHS, and understand the strategy of what we're about and how we can create connections to empower agriculture in the work that we do every day,” said Debertin. 

The two-day meeting is filled with CHS Board and management reports, director elections, educational sessions and interactive exhibits.  

It also has opportunities for farmers and owners to visit one-on-one with CHS leadership and Board members.