Approved amendments


At the 2022 CHS Annual Meeting on Dec. 2, 2022, CHS owners approved amendments to the CHS Bylaws that would allow flexibility in timing and location of CHS Director elections. Review the amended CHS Bylaws.

From the CHS Board

The COVID-19 pandemic's effect on the 2020 CHS Annual Meeting pointed out the need for greater flexibility in scheduling regional caucuses and Director elections that occur at caucuses. Previously, The CHS Bylaws required regional caucuses to elect Directors take place at the CHS annual meeting.

Added flexibility

The approved amendments give the CHS Board flexibility to schedule regional caucuses and Director elections either during the annual meeting or at other times and locations appropriate for the owners in each region. These options will help ensure that regional caucuses and Director elections can occur under any circumstances and enable more owners to participate in CHS governance.

No change to Director terms

CHS Director terms are not affected by the approved amendments. Regardless of when elections are held, Director three-year terms will continue to start and end at the CHS annual meeting.

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