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A farmer puts biodiesel fuel in a tractor’s fuel tank.
Biodiesel can be used on any diesel-run equipment without modification.
C magazine

Cooperative grows demand for biodiesel

Nov 29, 2021

As the original alternative diesel fuel, biodiesel is available nationwide, but is seeing the most adoption in states like Minnesota and Illinois, which have mandates that require a certain amount of biofuel be blended with diesel fuel.  

Premier Cooperative recently partnered with the Illinois Soybean Association to promote year-round use of B20, a diesel that is 20% biofuel. “As a cooperative, we wanted to support our owners, who are soybean farmers,” says Garrett Bruns, energy manager for Premier Cooperative, which has more than 20 locations across central Illinois. “More than half our diesel business during the summer months is biodiesel and we want to grow that number, even in the colder months.” 

Bruns has used biodiesel on his family farm for more than 10 years. “We’ve found biodiesel has added lubricity compared to traditional diesel, and soybean oil is also a natural detergent for a fuel system,” he says. 

While policy and mandates will grow adoption, Bruns sees education as an important opportunity. “Biodiesel can be used on any piece of diesel equipment with no changes needed,” he says. “I try to educate about biodiesel whenever I can because many farmers just don’t know how easily they could switch to it. It’s a win-win. They’ll see better performance and help their fellow farmers.”   


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