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Tugboat helps ship leave international shipping port.
Wheat headed for Taiwan leaves the TEMCO export facility in Portland, Ore.
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Wheat makes its way overseas

The vessel named Tres Felices, exits Portland, Ore., filled with soft white and dark northern spring wheat bound for Taiwan.
Dec 7, 2021

The vessel named Tres Felices is assisted by a tugboat crew as it exits the TEMCO export terminal at Portland, Ore., filled with soft white wheat and dark northern spring wheat bound for Taiwan.  

Located on the Willamette River, the Portland terminal moves 75 million bushels of grain annually to global customers. TEMCO, a joint venture between CHS and Cargill, includes three export terminals — Portland, Ore.; Kalama, Wash.; and Tacoma, Wash. — which provide global market access for growers across the midwestern and western U.S. 

In the distance, a snow-capped Mount Hood anchors the Portland community and provides resources and recreation for many. 

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