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A person holds an LED lightbulb.
Using LED lightbulbs helps save energy and save money.
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Saving energy, saving money

Learn how switching to LED lightbulbs saves energy and money for ag operations.
Dec 16, 2021

Whether you’re lighting a farm shop or a massive export terminal, a few simple changes can reduce energy use, improve safety and help the environment. 

As part of its commitment to sustainability, CHS is working to understand and manage how much and what type of energy is consumed in its facilities around the globe. They’ve found that even the smallest changes, like switching from conventional bulbs to LEDs, can make a big difference. 

“These efforts significantly reduce our energy costs,” says Chuck Kendall, who heads up environmental, health and safety efforts for CHS. “They also increase safety with better visibility and less climbing up tall stepladders to replace bulbs.” 

The same benefits would be true in barns, workshops and other buildings, Kendall says. With many utility companies increasing prices for electricity, the potential payback from switching to LED bulbs is even greater. 

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At CHS facilities, payback time frames for bulb replacement range from 9 months to 1.5 years. For example, at CHS retail sites in Fergus Falls, Minn., and Glenwood, Minn., a $49,444 one-time project cost (including rebates) will produce a projected $34,697 annual electricity cost savings and $297,530 cumulative savings over 10 years. 

The switch has environmental benefits, too: At the two CHS sites, the reduction in carbon dioxide emissions with LED vs. conventional bulbs is equivalent to planting 100 trees or taking 26 cars off the road. 

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