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Field of green soybeans.
CHS is offering 2022 contracts to Minnesota and Iowa growers who raise Plenish® high-oleic soybeans.

Earn a premium with Plenish® high-oleic soybeans

Maximize value from every soybean acre and boost your soybean market opportunities with Pioneer® Plenish® high-oleic soybeans.
Feb 4, 2022

Maximize value from every soybean acre and boost your soybean market opportunities with Pioneer®; Plenish®; high-oleic soybeans. Production contracts for 2022 are now available.

CHS offers a premium to southern Minnesota and northern Iowa growers who contract to grow soybeans carrying the Plenish high-oleic trait. Developed for that growing area, Plenish high-oleic soybeans can help boost soybean market opportunities and provide direct benefits to the food industry, consumers and growers.  

Delivery locations for contracted high-oleic soybeans now include the CHS grain storage location in Grand Meadow, Minn., and the CHS processing facility in Fairmont, Minn. 

For more information, see program details, including delivery information, or contact your CHS Minnesota soybean merchandiser or local Pioneer sales representative.  

Traits included in Plenish high-oleic soybean products have received regulatory approval in nearly all key U.S. soybean export markets and are pending in remaining export markets. For more information on Plenish high-oleic soybeans, visit

Pioneer®; Plenish®are trademarks of Dow AgroSciences, DuPont or Pioneer, and their affiliated companies or respective owners. 

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