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Three photos, depicting two people talking in front of a propane tank, an overhead view of a farm and buildings, and a teacher working with a student inside a greenhouse

10 favorite stories of 2022

Here are 10 of our favorite CHS stories from 2022.
Dec 28, 2022

As we look back at 2022, here are 10 of our favorite CHS stories of the year (in no particular order), including employees who bring value to CHS owners and customers every day, ag trends that are worth watching and teachers who bring us hope for the future of agriculture

1. Record-breaking year

CHS reported net income of $1.7 billion for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, 2022, and intends to return $1 billion in cash patronage and equity redemptions to member cooperatives and farmer-owners in fiscal year 2023. “Although economic uncertainty, logistical challenges and inflationary pressures remain, CHS is well-positioned to maximize value for our member cooperatives and farmer-owners,” says Jay Debertin, president and CEO. Find out which factors contributed to a successful year.

2. Investing in the next generation of ag leaders

At the CHS Annual Meeting in December, attendees voted to award a $20,000 first-place teacher grant from the CHS Foundation to Amelia Hayden, a first-year ag educator at Osseo-Fairchild High School. In honor of its 75-year anniversary, the foundation awarded a total of $75,000 in grants for K-12 teachers to implement projects that will engage students in experiential agricultural education. Watch a video of Hayden’s reaction just minutes after she won first place.

3. Custom applicators help crops thrive

Two custom applicators shared their thoughts about the joys and challenges of one of the most critical jobs in agriculture – and why CHS has been an ideal place to build their careers. Hear what custom applicators most like to hear from farmers.

4. Reindeer games

The reindeer at Leavenworth Reindeer Farm might be celebrities, but they are still eager to accept willow branches and tasty tidbits from the thousands of admirers who visit them each year in central Washington. Check out some fun reindeer facts – for example, new antlers can grow 1 inch each day!  

5. Propane goes global

Propane buyers are no strangers to the ebbs and flows of market shifts. But while seasonal swings have long been a driving force in purchase decisions, propane supply is no longer seasonally dependent. Learn why tight supply is shaping a new normal

6. Life lessons from 24 years of co-op service

Retired farmer Stan Hanson approaches his life the same way he looks at farming. “My mom always said you have to have faith,” he says. “You can only control the things you can control and the rest you can’t worry about, so don’t let it get you down.” Find out why he started taking a picture of the sunrise every morning.

7. Hometown Pride grant supports Minnesota community

In November, Coop Service Inc. and Cenex®, the energy brand of CHS, awarded a $25,000 Hometown Pride grant to the Backus Community Café in International Falls, Minn. Heading into 2023, Cenex will have invested over $400,000 into local organizations since the grant program began in 2019. Learn how Backus helps community members who are experiencing food insecurity.

8. Agricultural inflation: Back to the 80s?

If you weathered the 1980s farm crisis — or grew up hearing stories from older family members — the current volatility in crop prices and farm expenses, plus increasing inflation and interest rates, may bring back memories you’d rather forget. Hear from an ag economist who says conditions today differ from the 1980s in several key ways. 

9. Supporting employees who serve abroad

This past spring, when Charlie Hayes got word he’d be deployed overseas with the U.S. Navy Reserve, he knew he could rely on his CHS coworkers at the McPherson, Kan., refinery while he was away. Read more about why Hayes felt so supported by his colleagues.

10. Stabilizing nitrogen helps deliver best return on fertilizer investments

In today’s high-stakes crop production environment, every molecule of nitrogen matters. That’s why many savvy producers use a nitrogen stabilizer to help hold nitrogen in place until the developing crop is ready to use it. Learn about an innovative new nitrogen stabilizer that offers both above- and below-ground protection.


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