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Employee spotlight: Lonny Pickerign

Kevin Hunt
Sep 13, 2023

 Every day, CHS puts hundreds of trucks on the road to safely make deliveries that support the businesses of farmer-owners and cooperatives.

The driver who has been doing it longer than any other in the CHS transportation and logistics fleet says it’s about doing what you like to do.

“I enjoyed driving from when I started doing it,” says Lonny Pickerign. “If you don’t enjoy it, you probably shouldn’t be in it.”

Pickerign, based in Rosemount, Minn., will soon reach the 36-year mark in his career. He delivers lubricants to several facilities each week, logging about 3,000 miles round-trip.

More importantly to him, he’ll reach 3 million miles of driving without a safety incident next month.

“I’ve just tried being as safe as I could when I’m out on the road,” he says. “It’s about being aware of your surroundings and following the rules like you’re supposed to.”

To highlight National Truck Driver Appreciation Week and the contributions of CHS drivers every day, we spoke with Pickerign to learn more about his work and how he provides value to CHS farmer-owners and cooperatives.

Pickerign will soon be the third CHS driver to hit the 3-million-mile mark since the company launched the CHS Million Mile Safe Driving Club in 2019. (This year, 16 CHS drivers reached 1 million miles and four reached the 2 million mark.)

CHS transportation and logistics has three fleets in the energy business: automated fuel delivery, crude collection and transportation. Those drivers, in over 700 trucks, log nearly 35 million miles every year to transport bulk liquid, petroleum and liquefied petroleum gas.

CHS also has full-time and seasonal drivers who serve the country operations and agronomy businesses.

Learn more about current openings for drivers at

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