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Taylor Lynch and Jamie Robinett are excited about the future of agriculture, especially for their children, Tatum and Cane.
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Agriculture’s bright future

Taylor Lynch and Jamie Robinett shared their thoughts about the future of agriculture at the 2023 CHS Annual Meeting.
Mar 26, 2024

By Taylor Lynch and Jamie Robinett

Nebraska cooperative farmer-owners Taylor Lynch and Jamie Robinett provided the following moment of reflection at the 2023 CHS Annual Meeting. They are members of Cooperative Producers, Inc. (CPI), based in Hastings, Neb.

We are all here today because we are part of agriculture. Our farms and ranches may look different; we may plant different crops and raise different types of livestock, but we are part of something bigger. Agriculture unites us.

Through agriculture, we learn the value of hard work, how to set goals and how to take responsibility. Life on the farm has many challenges, but the rewards are great. And that’s the life we want for our children.

Why do we choose agriculture?

It’s the satisfaction of starting with a healthy calf and watching it grow into a finished steer, heading to market. It’s being part of the season-long journey, planting the crop, protecting it throughout the year and bringing in a successful harvest.

It’s the thrill of getting the judge’s nod in the show ring as a reward for months of work and anticipation.

It’s being amazed at how your 4-year-old daughter notices every little thing that’s new on the farm day after day.

It’s the chance to test your problem-solving skills every hour of every day, since no day unfolds quite the way you expect.

It’s having a front-row seat to watch the seasons turn and being amazed at the beauty created by God and Mother Nature.

It’s getting a helping hand from neighbors before you have to ask — and pitching in to help them in the spirit of true cooperation.

It’s shared stories and memories, laughing and crying together because we’re all family.

It’s conquering unexpected challenges that test what you’re made of.

It’s the joy of coming back to the farm after you’ve been away because you know that’s exactly where you want to be.

We honor our past and we look forward. The future of agriculture is bright!

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