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CHS celebrates Earth Day 2024 with a focus on sustainability

Cynthia Clanton
Apr 22, 2024

At CHS, we believe sustainability is inherent in what we do: making agriculture more productive, helping communities thrive and feeding a growing global population while using fewer resources.

Sustainability at CHS has made significant progress over the last year – establishing four focus areas, conducting a robust materiality assessment and forming a sustainability integration team of CHS leaders who will help embed material sustainability topics throughout all facets of the enterprise.

The CHS sustainability focus areas are critical to the strategy the team is implementing. These focus areas are helping us to:

  • Reduce our impact on the climate
  • Minimize our deforestation risk
  • Strengthen our connections by serving people and communities
  • Grow our voice through stakeholder engagement

We are elevating sustainability principles by integrating these focus areas into all aspects of our operations from daily decisions to long-term strategic planning.

CHS is committed to reducing our impact on the planet, creating new market opportunities and investing in ways to build a better future for our owners, customers, employees and communities as we drive sustainable success across the cooperative system.

Learn more about sustainability at CHS.

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