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Leadership Classes

Computer Training

Who should attend: Individuals in any role

In partnership with New Horizons Computer Learning take computer learning to a new level with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Minnesota’s online and in-person computer training. Courses cover a wide range of software and programs. Virtual learning options let you learn online at your convenience. Some courses may be eligible for vendor credits.


CHS and New Horizons Computer Learning

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CHS Cooperative Leadership Academy On-line Offerings

ExecOnline Offerings

Building and Leading Effective Teams

Who should attend: Senior leaders, mid-level managers, team leaders and project managers
Online in partnership with Columbia Business School

Leading Strategic Growth

Who should attend: Senior leaders, team leaders

Leading Innovative Change

Who should attend: Senior leaders, team leaders and project managers

Leading Operational Excellence

Who should attend: Senior and mid-level leaders; project and team managers

Implementing Winning Strategies

Who should attend: By nomination; High-potential managers and emerging leaders

Harvard ManageMentor (HMM)

Who should attend: Individuals in any role


Crucial Conversations

Who should attend: Individuals in any role

Have you been avoiding that tough conversation? Tired of dancing around the topic? Ready to address the elephant in the room? Crucial Conversations gives you the tools and confidence to foster open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics. By learning to speak the same and be heard, you’ll surface the best ideas, make high-quality decisions and act on those decisions.

No events scheduled at this time.

Foundations of Finance

Who should attend:

While this program deals with sometimes complicated financial concepts, the program is designed for practical application of the tools provided.  Participants do not need to have prior education in finance or business to successfully navigate the course.


Program Overview: 

To profitably operate a cooperative business, leaders need to understand how profit is generated, from pricing to controls to cash flow and business acquisition considerations, it is included in this program.  The program is designed for non-finance managers specifically in the cooperative retail space. The practical tools and benchmarks can be used to enhance cooperative profitability.


This program is three days in length, stressing practical application of the tools provided.


Learners will evaluate their operations and create action plans to address issues.  Learners can share how they have been able to apply concepts learned at a post-session web ex.

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Foundations of Supervision

Who should attend:

  • Current managers newer to leadership <3 years
  • managers wishing to hone their skills 
  • those team members on the path to leadership.

Program Overview: 

This program equips new leaders or those with a career desire to lead with the essential skills and tools to get work done with and through other people. The program is designed to help transition successfully from an individual contributor to a leader of others. Effective leaders share some common skills emphasized in this program:


  1. Self-awareness about their individual management and leadership style
  2. Create an engaged workforce committed to success
  3. Effectively lead others through change

Instructor Led Virtual C1

Leading for Impact

Who should attend:

  • Experienced manager who currently supervises others;

  • Must have the ability to work with their team to create Team Culture and Vision Statements

  • Ability to create the your teams strategy, goals and hold others accountable to it

  • Opportunity to provide ongoing feedback and coaching to team

Program Overview:

The world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Every day leaders are making countless decisions and facing problems they’ve never encountered before. Today’s leaders must be able to: 


  1. Think BIG and adapt quickly
  2. Translate strategy into meaningful work for their teams

  3. Coach people to a higher level of performance


Leading for Impact addresses the mindset and behavioral changes needed to achieve results with and through other people. The 4 Essential Roles of Leadership program content, offered in partnership with FranklinCovey, is a practical framework that helps leaders to focus their time and energy where it will have the greatest impact.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading for Results

Who should attend: Experienced managers or high-functioning individual contributors


The ultimate measure of results for any organization is the ability to create long-term growth. In this essential course in the leadership process, you’ll learn how to create results through a greater understanding of governance, finance, strategic planning and execution, leadership and communication skills and risk management, combined with hands-on applications. Coursework is specifically designed to enhance your strategic leadership thinking skills and capabilities. Leading for Results was created in collaboration with North Dakota State University, combining real-world lessons with the academic strength of a major research university.

Fargo, ND