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Next-generation farmers

Man and woman posing for a portrait inside convention center

Jamie Robinett, left, and Taylor Lynch, who farm with Lynch’s father near Nelson, Neb., are members of Cooperative Producers Inc. in Hastings, Neb. They attended the CHS New Leaders Forum at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Dec. 6, 2023.

Dec 06, 2023

The CHS New Leaders Forum, held each year the day before the CHS Annual Meeting, brings together young producers for a day of learning, connecting with each other and networking with CHS leaders. Here’s one couple who attended the event this year:

Names: Taylor Lynch and Jamie Robinett

Hometown: Nelson, Neb.

Family: Daughter Tatum and son Kane. “Life on the farm was something I always wanted for my children,” says Robinett.

Farm operation: The couple is the fourth generation on Lynch’s family farm, where they manage a dryland corn and soybeans operation with his father, plus their own cow-calf operation. Robinett also has an off-farm job as a physical therapist assistant. 

Co-op connection: Lynch and Robinett are members of Cooperative Producers, Inc., based in Hastings, Neb. 

Why they love farming: “The constant problem-solving makes every day different,” says Lynch. “You have to like the risk, but when things work out, it’ so rewarding. Farming challenges me and I love that. It shows you what you’re made of.”